Where to book a cooking class while visiting Paris.

Where to book a cooking class while visiting Paris.

Where to book a cooking class while visiting Paris.

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France is famous for its culinary prowess and has given the world some iconic dishes and pastries. Among these, croissants and macarons are two of the most famous French pastries that have become globally renowned.

Croissants have become a quintessentially French breakfast item, but the pastrys origins are somewhat disputed. One story claims that croissants were invented in Austria and brought to France by Marie Antoinette in the late 18th century. Another story claims that croissants were created in France, in the city of Paris, by bakers inspired by the crescent shape of the Ottoman Empires flag.

Regardless of its origin, croissants have become a staple of French cuisine and are enjoyed all over the world. A traditional French croissant is made with layers of butter and dough that are folded and rolled over and over again to create a flaky, buttery pastry.

Macarons, on the other hand, are a delicate, colorful French pastry that has been enjoyed for centuries. The history of macarons can be traced back to the 16th century, when Catherine de Medici brought the pastry to France from Italy. However, it was in the 20th century that macarons began to gain widespread popularity.

The modern-day macaron that we know and love is made up of two almond-based meringue shells that are sandwiched together with a filling of buttercream, ganache, or fruit jam. Macarons come in a wide variety of flavors and colors, and are often enjoyed as a dessert or a sweet treat.

Here are the talented people and best locations to learn how to make French pastries while visiting Paris:

@mollyjwilk(based in Versailles)
Or take a food tour with@aprilinparistours!

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