VIDEO The Doors of Ile Saint Louis, Paris, France

VIDEO The Doors of Ile Saint Louis, Paris, France

One of the things I love most about living on Ile Saint Louis is that it feels like being in a tiny French village, one of those quaint, tiny ones you find in rural France. There is a boulangerie, the market, the tabac, the cheese monger (who makes friends with everyone), and the church. Restaurant, pharmacy, butcher. What more do you need? Everyone knows each other. Each with their own identity, we are all individual yet a part of this daily fabric of movement, beauty, and humanity. The dogs all know one another too.

And yet, one of the many unique aspects of an ISL life is the architecture, uniquely Parisian. In this video, I share a little montage of the doors alongside the river Seine. What do you think is behind there? History. Culture. Lives loved and lost. Homes. Villagers.

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