TIP: Where do you go for the best whipped cream in…

TIP: Where do you go for the best whipped cream in…

TIP: Where do you go for the best whipped cream in France? 😋 Keep reading! 👇👇👇

Do you see Pearl sneaking a huge lick of whipped cream (aka Parisian #puppuccino – @helenvache )?! 🤣 Don’t leave Chantilly crème around Pearl, and I don’t blame her – if I could have a bowl of this as a dessert, I would be a happy girl too. What is the difference between Chantilly cream and, say, whipped cream incorporated into sauces? Sugar.

With origins dating back to Italy and recipes found in writings as far back as 1549, the invention of Chantilly crème is frequently attributed to François Vatel, the butler of the Château de Chantilly between 1663 and 1671. Some also claim that the cooks of Catherine de Medici introduced it from Italy after her marriage to Henri II.

The best place to go to have this delicacy is, of course, Chantilly! It’s a quick 25-minute commuter train ride from Paris, and you can visit the chateau, the horse museum, and more while you are there. If you would like a full itinerary, you can grab that, along with behind-the-scenes tours of the chateau and stables in my spring Paris Quarterly magazine coming out March 1st.

Naturally, there are regulations in France for a proper Chantilly crème. Bien sûr! It must have a minimum of 30% fat content (much like me 😂). Now, if you would like to learn how to make this French whipped cream properly, Chateau de Chantilly offers courses. They’re only 40 minutes long, and for 17 euros, it also includes access to the chateau.

Now, that’s what I call a sweet deal!

Wanna join in on the Paris Quarterly magazine fun?? I have all the links for you in the bio! ☝️☝️☝️

Photo by the talented @myparisportraits 😘😘😘

Bisous and big, sugary hugs from France,

🇫🇷 France 🇫🇷, forever.

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