TEN Day Itineraries by TEN Remarkable Personalities

TEN Day Itineraries by TEN Remarkable Personalities

Exclusive Collaboration with @theearfultower @walk.paris @aprilinparistours @monpetitfour @mollyjwilk @loulabelles_francofiles @pariswinegirl @winedinecaroline @myparisportraits @joiedevivretvnetwork : "Perfect Day in France."

In my Summer 2023 edition of the Paris Quarterly, I transport you into the hearts and minds of ten remarkable personalities known for their expertise in Paris and France.

As I reached out to my friends across France and beyond, I invited them to share their visions of an ideal day in France. No rules, no boundaries—just their unfiltered imagination and genuine experiences.

What came back to me still fills my heart with joy! Each day itinerary they shared perfectly embodies their unique essence, down to how they crafted their messages. Some opted for succinct and focused itineraries, capturing the very nature of their preferred moments. Others meticulously organized their plans into delightful sections, taking you on a journey within a journey. And a few wove their dreams into a mesmerizing story format, painting vivid landscapes of their perfect days.

In this one-of-a-kind collaboration, I deliberately preserved their original submissions as closely as possible. The authenticity and personal touch shine through, revealing the souls of these beautiful individuals who have found their hearts and home in France. Their contributions reflect a deep connection to the country's culture, hidden treasures, and the soul-stirring moments that have left an indelible mark on their lives.

From the cobblestone streets of Paris to the sun-soaked shores of the French Riviera, let the insights of these esteemed personalities guide you to the most enchanting destinations and experiences France offers.

You can access these ten itineraries PLUS so much more in my 100+ page Summer 2023 guide, The Paris Quarterly, edition 8. Link in bio or visit www.theParisQuarterly.com.

Photos are custom composite images I created from my imagination. These locations are not real.

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