PODCAST INTERVIEW with @loulabelles_francofiles

PODCAST INTERVIEW with @loulabelles_francofiles

PODCAST INTERVIEW with @loulabelles_francofiles

Lou is a bright, charming, and beautiful Francophile living in Australia. During Covid, she began a podcast to share her memories of France, make new connections, and maintain old friendships.

In this episode, Lou and I chat about so many different topics. Like talking to an old friend, we catch up on the latest with my renovations in Bretagne, talk about the girls, how I moved to France, travel tips, and even the art of being a flâneuse.

"I have dreamed of a life such as Shannon's. After talking to her, it now weirdly feels both further away and simultaneously more possible than ever! The amount that she knows, the work she has now found in France, that seems out of reach for most of us. But Shannon talks with such conviction about following that dream of a French life, I feel like if she can do it, maybe any of us can if we try hard enough. What I do know is that, for any of us who want to try to make a French life a reality, even on a short-term basis, having Shannon as a resource will be invaluable."

To work with Lou was a blessing. She's amazingly thorough, professional, and Lou works hard to bring her audience quality content. Her thoughtful approach allows for excellent storytelling. I highly suggest you check out her recent episodes - I loved #92 with dear @lisa_anselmo

Loulabelle's FrancoFiles is available on iHeartRadio, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts.

Head over to her website at www.loulabellesfrancofiles.com - I will also post a direct link to my interview in my Instagram story.

Merci, Lou!

Bisous and bonne journée, darlings,

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