Introducing Joie de Vivre Journey: A 70-Day Countdown to 2024

Introducing Joie de Vivre Journey: A 70-Day Countdown to 2024

🎉✨ Introducing Joie de Vivre Journey: A 70-Day Countdown to 2024 ✨🎉

Bonjour, my beautiful souls! 🌸 Are you ready to be the star of your life’s most extraordinary issue? Imagine gracing the cover of the 2024 edition of YOU Magazine, brimming with confidence, authenticity, and joie de vivre. 🌟

Starting Sunday, October 22nd (that’s just 70 days until we say au revoir to 2023 🗓️), you're invited to take center stage in your life, literally. We're channeling that main character energy, where you're not just a participant but the leading person in your life's unfolding narrative. 🌈

✨ What to Expect ✨

  • Week 1: Prepare your mind & body for the holiday dazzle 🎄
  • Week 2: Sketch out the "editorial content" for the rest of 2023 🎯
  • Week 3: Decide the headlines for your 2024 feature stories 🌈
  • Week 4: Create a "publishing schedule"—your 2024 action plan 🗺️
  • Week 5: Celebrate the gratitude and joy that make you shine 💖
  • Week 6: Self-care spa day, à la Française 🛁
  • Week 7: Secure your “wellness column” by leveling up your basic needs 🌱
  • Week 8: Explore the “Home & Family” section of your life’s magazine 👨‍👩‍👦
  • Week 9: Dive into the "Relationships" pull-out section ❤️
  • Week 10: Editorial on self-esteem, self-actualization, and premium self-care 🌟

With daily journal prompts, French quotes, downloadable vision boards, and lifestyle tips, you'll be crafting your own art de vivre—the French art of living. 🇫🇷

📚 Final Guidebook 📚

This journey culminates in a "collector's edition" guide, available for digital download or as a beautiful printed keepsake through Amazon. It's your tangible memento of these transformative 70 days. 📖

🤝 Join Us! 🤝

So, darlings, are you ready to channel that main character energy? Are you prepared to grace the cover of your life, with that inimitable French flair? This is not just another program; it’s your once-in-a-lifetime, 70-day countdown to being the star you were always meant to be. 🎉🇫🇷

Here are my goals: 

  1. To post a new journal prompt each day, Monday through Friday, so five journal prompts each week. 
  2. That each question or journal prompt starts with a generic question that anyone, anywhere in the world can thoughtfully answer and self-reflect on. 
  3. There is also a daily second, alternative journal prompt that has a French-inspired spin on the question. This might be lifestyle, food, culture, or traditions, anything French aesthetic and inspired so that way our series still has a connection with French culture and France. 
  4. I included a related daily affirmation, something positive and uplifting that participants can say to themselves in the mirror or repeat mentally throughout the day to encourage and empower themselves and take the lesson further into their daily habits and life.

Participation is completely free and posts will be made available daily here on my Instagram account. 


If you would like to receive the complimentary digital download journal prompts, tools, and resources via email, please sign up using this form below. Or use this LINK if you are having trouble with the embedded form. Merci!


If you have questions or comments, please use the contact form on this website to submit your query. Thank you! 

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