In my final post in this mini-series about Josseli…

In my final post in this mini-series about Josseli…

In my final post in this mini-series about Josselin, a petite village located in Morbihan, France, I share a few fun facts brought to you by @destinationbroceliande and translated by yours truly.

“A medieval suburb
Dating back over 1,000 years, the medieval charm of Josselin is in its historic quarter, where there are narrow cobbled streets, many half-timbered houses (the oldest dates from 1538), and a few mansions.

Visit the tourism office for a map of the interpretation circuit to discover the secrets of Josselin’s architecture.

A castle
Chateau de Josselin, owned by the De Rohan family for over 1,000 years, is one of the most beautiful castles in Brittany. It offers remarkable testimony to feudal architecture with its three imposing towers dominating the Oust valley.

Its interior facade contrasts with its skylights and balustrades adorned with sculptures marking the Renaissance period. French-style garden, English-style park, and rose garden add to the refinement of this prestigious building.

Along the water
First, visit the canal where walkers and cyclists can walk along a lively towpath and take advantage of the many boats on the river quay to stroll through the middle of a postcard landscape. Along the Minette, the Bois d’amour lends itself to a bucolic stroll along the water, where a fun trail around the fauna and flora, a conservatory of rhododendrons, and a bamboo grove will delight young and old alike.
A festive city
Every two years, the national holiday takes on a somewhat unique twist in Josselin. Knights, acrobats, fantastic creatures, troubadours, and craftsmen stir up a city that shines with a thousand fires and lives to the rhythm of the shows. But the festivities don’t stop there since, throughout the summer, entertainment delights onlookers, especially during the Festiv’été concerts.”



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