A Tour of Chateau Val, Brix, France. Today’s pos…

A Tour of Chateau Val, Brix, France. Today’s pos…

A Tour of Chateau Val, Brix, France.

Today’s post is a bit of a flashback to a brief road trip I took through Normandie as I returned to Paris last September. I realized that I had never published this video publicly. It was such a pleasure to meet Uwe and Irene, featured in this video.

Sometimes I go back through all the content I create and think I have much more to share with you. Like the Normandie Honfleur area regional guide I am working on. And I could publish an extensive e-book on the Cotes d’Armor!

I could offer a book on Beaune, Bourgogne, and the Cotes d’Or, the first area I lived in outside of Paris. Or even a guide on Chamonix and the immediate area where I have enjoyed so many summer months.

The gifts 💝 France shares with us are endless. I often say that I could live twenty lifetimes here, and it still would not be enough.

Over here in Bretagne, we are on day three of another heatwave in France. Wildfires are raging in various parts of the country, and the drought has taken over much of our days. We are not allowed to water our gardens, even the potagers (vegetable gardens). I wander at dusk and check on my precious David Austin roses – they seem to be hanging in there. I saw a horrific image of the Loire River, a bridge spanning a cracked, dry, and empty river bed.

In times like this, I look inward to find comfort. I focus more on curating hygge in my spaces, removing myself a bit more from digital distractions, and taking respite in being present and grateful for what I have been blessed with. 🥰

And perhaps today’s video will also bring you some joy, an experience that whisks you away on a magical journey to a secret castle in Normandy, France. You can access it now by clicking on the link in my bio. ☝️☝️

Sending you all digital hugs,
Bisous darlings,

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