You are so awesome!!!

You are so awesome!!!

You are so awesome!!! Merci beaucoup for all the compliments, fun feedback, and encouragement of my capsule wardrobe video. 🥳

It was so fun to create a wardrobe, envisioning @sandrak03@lisagrahampeterson@stephnie.os, and @suzettecassi are all traveling to Normandy, Brittany, Bordeaux and Paris, perhaps wearing similar pieces.

I am already receiving requests for autumn, winter, and 2024 capsules! If this project proves to be supported well by our community and YouTube viewers, I will continue. Merci!

Here are some comments viewers posted over on YT:
“Absolutely fantastic, you have covered so much and its so helpful as to what to pack when you’re an international visitor. Thank you.”

“Excellent ideas. Hadn’t thought about ankle problems on cobble stones and the 2022 heat waves are a bit worrisome. Thank you for putting this together!”

“This is awesome!! I love #Sezane (a find from a previous Paris trip) and I love your outfits and #Uniqlo suggestions!! Going shopping now...”

“Love this!! And the weather trends are so helpful to see, thank you or this!”

It is my pleasure, darlings. And I am already planning the next capsule! If you have any additional requests, feedback, or ideas for me, please share them in the comments below or DM me.

How do you access the video? There’s a link in my bio, or search for “This French Life” on YouTube.

I have seen A LOT of people in the process of or contemplating a move up north due to the heat waves, forest fires, and droughts in the South of France. I JUST received a notification of this super sweet little cottage just up for sale in 22 Cotes d’Armor. It’s only 20 minutes to the ocean and 167,400€ - a rare find in my part of Bretagne. I’ll post it in my Insta story today.

What else? I am working on my summer Paris Quarterly guide atm, preparing to return to my house in Brittany, and I’ll be picking back up the “Moving to and Living in France” series again, so stay tuned for that.


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