VIDEO Walking Tour Part 1 – Abbesses Metro Station, Montmartre, Paris France

VIDEO Walking Tour Part 1 – Abbesses Metro Station, Montmartre, Paris France

Welcome to Abbesses. This is the deepest station in the Paris Métro, at 36 metres (118 feet) below ground, and is located on the western side of the butte (hill) of Montmartre. When you get off at this metro stop, let the crowd rush by you. Really, it is worth a moment to take in the space. It is airy and the vault is adorned with a decorative ceramic that stretches from one end of the platform to another. The name of the station is inscribed on white earthenware tiles on a blue background, and the corridors are crisscrossed with friezes with a wave-shaped motif.

The name comes from the Place des Abbesses under which it is located, named It’s in honor of the 46 abbesses who headed the Abbey of the Ladies of Montmartre.

The station opened on 30 January 1913. The station’s entrance, designed by Hector Guimard (1867–1942), is one of only two remaining glass-covered “dragonfly” entrances, known as édicules. Though a Guimard original, the édicule at Abbesses was originally located at Hôtel de Ville and was transferred to its current location in 1974.

I am going to share with you two links to some fantastic online articles about this metro station. They are both in French but you can use translation tools to read them. I prefer the automatic translation tool that is a feature in the Google Chrome browser. There is also an audio file on these pages if you would like to listen and practice your French. The photos are fascinating.




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