Today’s Hallway Shot: As @ateliertoursparis says, …

Today’s Hallway Shot: As @ateliertoursparis says, …

Today’s Hallway Shot: As @ateliertoursparis says, “Guests leaving late is the sign of a good dinner party.” Indeed. FYI, oversized sunglasses hide tired eyes, but my belly is still full from the laughs, joy, and fromage 🧀 from last night’s feast. Along with the return of hosting people in my house, Paris is starting to feel “normal” in the best ways. Scanning terrasse crowds at lunch, everyone is laughing, enjoying the sunshine, and soaking in these moments to be together again.

This afternoon, I snuck over to my fav neighborhood restaurant, bisous’d my fav waiter, and sat at MY table. I finished editing Day 4 of our Normandy Virtual Road Trip! 👏Head on up to my Instagram story to watch today’s video. ☝️

After saying goodbye to our adorable host and visiting a WW2 memorial site, we depart from Grandcamp-Maisy, explore Bayeux, check out the little cabanes at Luc-sur-Mer, and end up at our cider-house turned AirBnB rental.

For those of you who are new here – BIENVENUE!! There are so many of you! Welcome. 🥳 If you would like to watch my previous Normandy road trip episodes in this series, you can visit those in my Instagram highlights. I planned a dog-friendly 🐾 voyage along the coastline from Bretagne to Paris! Many WW2 memorial sites do not accept pups, including Pointe du Hoc, a stop on my list. I was surprised to see big anti-dog signs everywhere when I arrived.

Even then, I had over an hour of footage from today’s experience. And I carefully trimmed it down to this show. I hope you like it! As a reminder, Instagram stories only last 24 hours, which is why I also save these in my highlights. Where do you find those? Head on over to my page. See all those cute circles under my bio? Well, those are ALL videos that I have saved for YOU!!

I send all of you so much love. Thank you for being here!

Bisous and big hugs 🤗 from amazing, beautiful, glorious France 🇫🇷,


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