TIP When Not to use Translation Apps in France : R…

TIP When Not to use Translation Apps in France : R…

TIP When Not to use Translation Apps in France 🇫🇷: Restaurants!

You won’t find a bigger fan of @Google than this girl 😍 who has been an early adopter of all of their products. I have built and sold businesses using their apps as the backbone of my business. But what I can’t get behind is their Google Translate app. 😬 It’s notoriously incorrect, especially for beginners. It is TOO easy to make mistakes using this application. The translation results often hinder your progress or set you up for improper, often embarrassing, interactions (can the developers at the VERY least fix the translation for “I am full”???). 👏

So, I have a few hacks to share with you today to improve your translation experiences while traveling and eating in France. 👍

Translation apps are least useful in the restaurant setting. The reason for this is that the dish’s title is not a food that translates well to English. 👉👉 It’s a TYPE of food or RECIPE. 👈👈 For example, think of someone visiting the United States and trying to translate “cornbread” or “chicken noodle soup” or “seven-layer bars.” These recipes are a part of the American culture but have almost no meaning when translated to another language.

The most straightforward workaround when you come across a complicated or unfamiliar menu is first to ask the waiter for extra time. And this is an easy one to remember because it’s the same word: “un moment, s’il vous plaît.” Now, the pressure to make an immediate decision is removed, and you have time to explore and discover. 😉

Next, open your Google browser and search for the dish + the word “recette,” which means recipe in French. What that will give you is the recipe for the meal you are interested in. Quickly browse the ingredients, and you will instantly know if you will enjoy the meal or not.

Did you like this tip? There are a ton more like this in my France Travel Planner! Link in my bio ☝️ and thanks SO much for reading.

Bisous and big hugs 🤗 from France,


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