The Place Dauphine was laid out in 1607–10 when Pl…

The Place Dauphine was laid out in 1607–10 when Pl…

The Place Dauphine was laid out in 1607–10 when Place Royale was still under construction. It was among the earliest city-planning projects of Henri IV 👑 and was on a site created from part of the western garden of the walled enclave known as the Palais de la Cité (because the Capetian kings had lived there long ago before the Louvre was built). Today, the only original buildings that remain are on the two corner pavilions facing Pont-Neuf.

The buildings of Place Dauphine combine brick and stone, stretching tall above the park. Here you will find galleries, adorable small cafes where you can watch people play petanque as you sip on a glass of wine 🍷. Place Dauphine has a picturesque appeal to tourists, Parisians, and artists alike(it has been in many films, including Midnight in Paris by Woody Allen).

But did you know that it is sometimes nicknamed the “sexe de Paris”? 🌹 In a collection of texts La Clé des Champs published in 1953, the poet André Breton gave Place Dauphine its nickname because of its central and triangular configuration. He imagined the Seine river as being the legs. And the name has stuck! I suppose you won’t be looking at a Google map of Paris quite the same again. 🤣

Today, I share with you photos in this post and a video in my Instagram story. ☝️ I ventured over to Place Dauphine last night because the horse chestnut trees are in full bloom. Their lovely rose blossoms 🌸, stacked up like tiny cones, are as fleeting as the wisteria season. I have seen photos of the blossoms carpeting Place Dauphine in a sea of pink. I hope to capture that too. For now, enjoy the little video I made for you!

Bisous and big hugs 🤗 from France,

🇫🇷 France 🇫🇷, forever.

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