Paris night-owl activities to do solo or with othe…

Paris night-owl activities to do solo or with othe…

Paris night-owl activities to do solo or with others! Our recent discussions showed that many of us enjoy our evenings. And while we all love a good Netflix night in our PJs, Paris is absolutely STUNNING in the dark.

In today’s list, I share my favorite and SAFE activities for you to do in Paris after the sun sets, even if you are visiting the capital alone.

As twilight settles into the city, Paris begins to shift and change. And it isn’t just about the street lamps popping on at dusk or the cozy glow of restaurant brasseries casting shadows onto the sidewalk. She completely transforms.

What looked like shuttered businesses in the day, their large metal gate fronts roll up, revealing evening-hours-only bars, restaurants, event spaces, jazz clubs, and more.

Welcome to act deux of the day, folks.

In today’s reel, I share with you my favorite night activities in our belle ville:

° Walk the Seine. I do this at all hours, with and without the girls.
° The Eiffel Tower light show. The light show takes place every evening from sundown until 1 AM. On the hour, every hour, the tower shimmers and sparkles with hundreds of thousands of lights for five minutes.
° Paris Philharmonie. Every time I go to a show here, it brings me to tears. Don’t worry about dressing up – Parisians pile in after work in their business suits and jeans. And the tickets are relatively inexpensive compared to the ballet.
° Wine bar & jazz. Iconic Parisian jazz bars are an exceptional experience.
° An evening meal out. French dinners can take 2-3 hours or more! If traveling alone, choose a brasserie or a more casual setting, as some more formal places may turn you away. (If that last comment surprises you, I can explain the reasoning behind this in a future post. Let me know in the comments below!)

Be sure to use my arrondissement (neighborhood) map in my France Travel Planner to choose the safest parts of Paris to spend your time. Link in bio!

Bisous, darlings.


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