New Loulabelle’s FrancoFiles podcast chat is out!

New Loulabelle’s FrancoFiles podcast chat is out!

New Loulabelle’s FrancoFiles podcast chat is out!
Episode 94 avec Shannon Pratuch

Over ten years ago, a client flew Shannon Pratuch to Paris from the US for a project she was working on. Over the few days she was there she wandered throughout Paris, losing herself in the nooks and crannies of the city ultimately falling in love with Paris and then with all of France. Every time after that when she returned she stayed longer, eventually making the move to live there. Shannon says she finds it hard now to even consider leaving France. She could spend 20 life-times in Paris and France and it would still not be enough for her!

Shannon now works and lives in France full-time, owning a house, a car, a business, two petite French bulldogs (Rose and Pearl) and has a multi-year residency card. Shannon believes that France is the most incredible country in the world! She is absolutely in love with this dream she's living every day.  I think I'd be in love with such a life too!

I have dreamed of a life such as Shannon's. After talking to her, it now weirdly feels both further away and simultaneously more possible than ever! The amount that she knows, the work she has now found in France... that seems out of reach for most of us. But Shannon talks with such conviction about following that dream of a French life, I feel like if she can do it, maybe any of us can if we try hard enough. What I do know is that for any of us who want to try to make a French life a reality, even on a short-term basis, having Shannon as a resource will be invaluable.

Shannon shares many tips with us in this wonderfully warm chat, but my only tip for travelling in France is one she also shares: take time to be a flaneur... engage in the art of strolling and taking in your surroundings.

Come and escape momentarily to France with us.


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