To say yesterday was magical would be a gross understatement. I was Cinderella at the ball, the dance was Claude Monet’s gardens, and the castle was his home.

In this brief clip, I am sitting alone, sunbathing on the front porch of Claude Monet’s home in Giverny, France. Over 500,000 people visit this stunning home of the most famous impressionist painter in the world, and I got to sit there, completely alone, to soak in the soleil and listen to the birds.

What a gift this moment was, an opportunity of a lifetime. And the fact that I received permission to share it so freely with all of you was incredibly generous of @fondationmonet

Together, via YouTube live, we walked through his home after hours, empty. We got to stroll down the main alleys of the gardens without restriction, normally roped off to visitors. We visited the water gardens, with only my press colleagues enjoying the wisteria and lily pads in the fading light.

And even more magical?

While everyone was sipping champagne, you and I returned to the gardens of Clos Normand and sat amongst the iris and roses as the golden hour light streamed through the trees. I wasn’t expecting to have the time to offer a second live event, so that was such a surprise.

To view that second livestream tour, visit my Instagram feed. I saved it there for you! And I will be reposting the YouTube live tour soon.

There’s so much to share with you in the next few weeks, and I will include additional bits and pieces of this exquisite trip to @fondationmonet as I finish the edits.

Thank you, my darlings, for joining, for your support and encouragement, for your terrific questions and comments (I adored them all!), and for being a part of this community. You made the experience even more special, your love streaming back through from the other end.

Have a wonderful weekend,


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