For those who celebrate it and anyone who plays th…

For those who celebrate it and anyone who plays th…

For those who celebrate it and anyone who plays the role of dad, Happy Father’s Day! 🥰 Currently, all of our human kids are back in the States. But French bulldogs are a bit like toddlers, so my husband has his hands full 24/7 with these girls today 😆(photo one, a fav from our road trip, Carcassonne; photo two, Jeff & the girls on Ile de Re).

When we returned to the house in Bretagne on Thursday, we checked on the vegetable garden to see what had arrived. Most of the “potager” had been put under black plastic to stop the miserable weeds that plague any garden here in Brittany. The temperate climate is perfect for growing just about anything here, which is why this region grows about 70% of France’s produces annually. 🥕🥬🫑🍆But you really have to stay on top of the weeds here, it’s a constant nuisance.

First, I saw that my artichoke plant was almost taller than me, flush with oversized purple heads. The other bed we had left open to growth for the year was my berry patch. I ran over and pulled back the top layer to discover that the strawberries were EVERYWHERE. 🍓🍓🍓Jeff and I spent the rest of the evening picking all the ripe berries we could save.

So, for Father’s Day, I made JP homemade strawberry muffins, dripping with fresh salted Brittany butter, and served with local vanilla yogurt. We found out about a garden festival happening in a nearby village, so we are headed over to find some new plants for my window boxes. 🌻

EDIT: I added a short video of the pop-up sale with tips on how to find events like these in rural France.

TODAY’S SWIPE 👉 & SAVE 👇 : Swipe 👉 through to find inspiration for your next weekend brunch with some delightful French dishes, and then save 👇 for your next gathering!

Bon Dimanche, bisous and big hugs 🤗 from France,

🇫🇷 France 🇫🇷, forever.

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