BEFORE & AFTER. Sitting next to the Seine last nig…

BEFORE & AFTER. Sitting next to the Seine last nig…

BEFORE & AFTER. Sitting next to the Seine last night, the photographer’s dreamiest time of the day, the “golden hour,” turned everything into a magical real-time filter.

I noticed this lady who had been walking the end of the island. She finally settled into this spot, a bit too far from my camera, but I loved how the leaves framed the space, and the tree to the right is in the process of changing its beautiful colors.

Have you been in a place where the timing felt perfectly perfect? Leaving you thinking, “It just couldn’t get better than this.”

In the “before” scene, the photo is cropped to the standard camera size, as it was originally captured. In the following image, swipe to see the “after.” I focused on her, editing the leaves to create a dramatic background overhang.

If you were sitting where she was, soaking in that golden glow, what would you be dreaming about? And when the sun dipped behind the bridge, and the temperatures started to cool, where would you spend your evening in Paris?

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