Winter’s Not Over: Paris Chalet Edition Would you…

Winter’s Not Over: Paris Chalet Edition Would you…

Winter’s Not Over: Paris Chalet Edition

Would you like to head to the French alps but don’t have the time or budget? Look no further than @aubergedubonheur hidden in a forest in Paris!

Here’s the details:
Online reservations
Open hearth fireplace
Chalet vibes
Excellent customer service

I arrived early so I could walk the Bois du Bologne after, and the regulars started to stream in, one by one, mid-meal. The staff greeted each one as if they were family, and the chef came out to their tables to say bonjour.

I saw dogs of all sizes and shapes walk through the doors! If I didn’t have plans to visit Fondation Louis Vuitton after, I should have brought the girls for a day in the park.

PSA: The city has placed traps for the processionary caterpillars already.

I have created these itineraries based on recent experiences (DM me why I don’t suggest a walk through the park).

Instead, opt for the Caverne de la Cascade. Built in the late 1800’s, this secret and romantic artificial waterfall remains elusive and unknown. Explore the caves and duck pond before continuing to a day at the museum.

Day Itinerary: Chimneys, Cascades, and Monet.

PREP: Reserve online, and ask for a table in front of the fireplace.
NOTE: I called the day before to re-confirm my reservation and affirmed my request for a table in front of the chimney.

Stop 1: Auberge du Bonheur. Estimate two hours for this experience.

5-minute walk

Stop 2: Caverne de la Cascade. Explore the waterfall and duck ponds. Not suggested for the mobility impaired or those wearing heels.

30-minute walk or 9-minute taxi
(If you walk, please stay along the main roads)

Stop 3: Musee Marmottan Monet. A historic mansion full of stunning permanent art, Monet’s work, fantastic temporary exhibits, and no crowds!

And finally, a 15-minute walk to…

Stop 4: Take the foot ferry across to Le Chalet des Îles to sip on a cocktail on a secret island in the middle of Paris.

Paris, I love you.
France, I love you more.

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