Why is it necessary to have a French dossier? If …

Why is it necessary to have a French dossier? If …

Why is it necessary to have a French 🇫🇷 dossier? If you’re going to stay in France for more than three months at a time, you will need a visa. Even if you don’t plan on moving here, this post is essential for you.

Learning how to build a dossier is not just a one-time task. This skill is one you will use over and over again. 👍

For example, you will use this same dossier when you…
• Rent a house or apartment in France 🏠
• Buy a house 🏡
• Open up a bank account 💰
• Renew your visa at the prefecture ✅
• Apply for your carte Vitale (French healthcare) 💊
• Apply for a loan or mortgage 💵
• When you buy a car 🚗
• And practically any other major administrative task in France.

PART TWO: How to Build a 🇫🇷French🇫🇷 Visa Dossier: COVER LETTER

The cover letter in your dossier is a critical first impression. In my cover letter, I focus in brief on these primary topics:
• WHO I am, 💃
• WHAT my goals are, 🤓
• WHEN I will be executing on the project or the duration of my stay, ✈️
• WHERE I will be staying or living, 🔑
• and HOW I plan on supporting myself financially. 💸

And each following section of the dossier supports these primary topics.

The format of your cover letter is unique in France. The letter is very formal. The tone of voice, the introduction, and how you layout the note are critical. I find this writing style very different from the States, but a skill that is INVALUABLE to learn as you will use this time and time again.

Would you like access to my cover letter template? Perhaps you are interested in more detailed information on my visa dossier experience, tactics, and techniques? Head on up to the link in my bio to sign up. 👆👆👆

Bisous and big squeezy hugs 🤗 from France,

PLEASE NOTE: Currently, most visa types are on hold at the moment due to Covid restrictions. However, you can use this series to help prepare your dossier in advance when your category reopens. This post is strictly informative, educational, and my experiences only. Please contact the consulate for additional information or inquiries – I am not a professional.

Another fantastic shot from the talented @herve_in_paris – just love this account.


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