VIDEO VIRTUAL ROAD TRIP – Fontvielle, France & other random things!

VIDEO VIRTUAL ROAD TRIP – Fontvielle, France & other random things!

Here is a travel tip: We were out of bread for dinner, and I decided to take a long lunch break to find the best baker in the area. Using Google Maps, I zoomed out wide, past our direct village of Arles. Sometimes I will use both the English search term and do a second search in French to get a more comprehensive list. You’ll find the best places AND secret spots using this tactic.

And I found it: Tucked up in a tiny village about a half-hour away is Boulangerie Les 7 Épis Bio. The first Google review, in French, hooked me: “The storefront is already an invitation to travel through time. In my case, it’s also a reminder of my childhood. Some recipes have been passed over time, and Mr. Isnard continues – it is extremely important. Its taste, texture, and flavors are truly unforgettable. In addition, the old-fashioned, authentic, organic approach allows you to enjoy real know-how. Bakery is an art that sublimates the fruits of the earth. When I am in the region, I only use this bakery.”

Well, that did it for me. I packed up the girls, jumped in the car, and headed over before the official closing time of 13h30. I arrived a full hour and a half early to find that EVERYTHING had already been sold out. There was one tiny, lonely loaf waiting for its forever home.

I spoke to the lovely lady in the store for a while. The bakery is so famous that basically everything is made to order, so I placed one for two different loaves to be ready on Friday.

Bisous and big hugs 🤗 from France,

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