VIDEO How to Find an Apartment in Paris – My Top Tips & Tactics for Renting in France

VIDEO How to Find an Apartment in Paris – My Top Tips & Tactics for Renting in France

Yesterday, I received excellent constructive feedback from my friends @byronbeck and @juanmartinezpdx. I don’t know how long we have been friends exactly, but I know it is more than ten years (thanks Facebook memories!). 🥰

Byron and Juan have been by my side and cheering me on throughout my ENTIRE French journey. 👏 They saw an opportunity to create transparency and share with you behind the scenes how I got this apartment. And they’re right! It’s a complicated process and many of you have this dream too.

There was a brief rumor that my flat was 10,000 euro per month (don’t forget that you need to make 3x NET per month to qualify… so I will let you do the math!) 😅 While this part of Paris is expensive, that rumor is definitely not true. What IS true is that I discovered one heckuva great deal. 🥳

And while respecting my boundaries and privacy, I will share a unique walk and talk with you today. I will tell you EXACTLY how I found this apartment and what I went through to dig her up. The bottom line? It’s a ton of work. “All things are difficult before they are easy.” / Toutes les choses sont difficiles avant d’être faciles.

Because I am creating this video today, I won’t be posting it until later this afternoon, GMT+1. I look forward to your feedback on my story! 😃

WHAT’S COMING UP THIS WEEK: Tomorrow, for How-To Tuesday, I will share with you how to put together an impromptu picnic using a mini-mart grocery in France. I’ll post my walk and talk interview with Paris student @meg_berhard. And I also filmed a chat about how you can improve your travel experiences in France by better understanding your creature comforts. Soon, I’m visiting both the Bastille and Aligre marches so you can compare these two iconic markets and then share with you a secret space you sneak off to snack on your treats. Picnics in Paris are my fav!

What do you have up your sleeve this week?

Sending you bisous and big hugs 🤗 from France,

🇫🇷 France 🇫🇷, forever.

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