Part one of two: What to PACK when Traveling to ru…

Part one of two: What to PACK when Traveling to ru…

Part one of two: What to PACK when Traveling to rural France

If you are an international traveler, please consider packing these items when traveling outside of any major city in France:

° Shampoo & Conditioner – These items are not normally provided in gites or smaller hotels.

° Body soap – And the same for shower gels or bar soap. In higher-end hotels, you can expect this item to be provided.

° Washcloths – If you like to wash your face at night with a traditional washcloth, bring your own. It isn’t easy to find these outside of five-star hotels.

° Hairdryer (with an EU plug) – If styling your hair is important to you, bring your own appliances as they are not always available or modern.

° OTCs – Certain OTCs are not available in the pharmacies in France without a prescription. And in the countryside, you may have difficulty finding a pharmacy open when you need one. Please pack anything you might need, specific to your common ailments, such as stomach medications, painkillers, anti-histamines, etc.

° Shopper bag – Pack a foldable shopper bag for grocery store trips. Or buy a super cute one at a local marché!

° GPS – If you are driving, please do not rely on the rental car’s GPS. If driving alone, have a clip to which you can mount your phone. But it’s best to have the passenger help navigate so that you can pay attention to the roads. Ensure you have ample cell data and a cable to plug the phone in.

° Debit card for toll roads & gas stations – Some gas pumps and toll booths do not accept international credit cards.

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