Man-oh-man, while I love all music, I cannot wait …

Man-oh-man, while I love all music, I cannot wait …

Man-oh-man, while I love all music, I cannot wait to hear Emmanuel sing again (brief history on this bell down below). Summer solstice marks a special day here in France: Fête de la Musique. I have had the unique opportunity to pass this special occasion in Paris a few times, and it’s always magical. If you aren’t familiar with the event, swipe left in today’s post to find out more!

While today happens to be the longest day of the year, the sun doesn’t want to participate in Brittany. Instead, we have received the most bizarre series of thunder and lightning storms today, with deluges of rain. I am anxious to share Bretagne with all of you, but it looks like I need to wait a couple more days for the sunshine to return.

Meanwhile, I took the majority of the day to plan out our summer together. TFL Summer Camp is coming together in the most EPIC way, and the latest details will be coming out soon – by email first! Including a grand tour of Mont-Saint-Michel! If you haven’t signed up for my newsletter, click on the link in my bio now.

Also, our first collaborative house renovation project will be happening soon! I have been collecting inspiration photos, and you will help me pick out the paint colors! The WHOLE HOUSE needs to be painted at some point, but I want to start with the upstairs. I have a new mattress and bed on the way and am working first on the décor for the master bedroom.

The bell in my photo is called Emmanuel, and he lives in the South Tower of the Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral. The great bell dated from the 15th century and was recast in 1681 upon the request of King Louis XIV, who named it Emmanuel. It weighs 13 tons and was saved from the destruction of the French Revolution. He also survived the recent fire at NDP. Emmanuel has played the celebratory tones at the end of both World Wars and is usually reserved only for a few annual holidays, state funerals, and visits from the Pope.

Bisous and big hugs from France,


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