Is Paris safe at night? When I posted this video…

Is Paris safe at night? When I posted this video…

Is Paris safe at night?

When I posted this video to my Instagram story, I received a lot of questions about going out at night.

First, I always want you to err on the side of caution, day or night. I counsel my friends and family a lot on pickpockets. Currently, I’d say that these are the top “tricks” that tourists fall prey to:

° Items in your pockets – A quick bump and your valuables are gone. Please do not keep anything in your pockets.

° Phone grab and go – I have had multiple friends who LIVE in Paris who experienced this. They grab the phone right out of your hand and run. The best way to avoid this is to have a strong phone strap.

° Cut your sack straps – This one is popular on the metro. If you have a fabric bag or one with thin straps, as the metro door opens, they cut the straps and run off with the sack… and all of your contents.

° Sign my form – This trick is aimed at distracting you. Generally, two people have clipboards and what looks like a form they want you to sign. As they are bothering you about signing it, someone else is lifting your valuables.

° Friendship bracelet – This is popular around Sacre Coeur. A person approaches you as if trying to put a friendship bracelet around your wrist. And while you are distracted by their antics, a colleague is stealing your stuff.

What happened when one of these clipboard people approached my mother in front of Musée d’Orsay? I counseled her that these people aren’t necessarily there to harm her – they just want your stuff! A loud, firm “NO!” and a hand-up to create space should be enough to get them to move on to their next victim.

And as far as going out at night, I LOVE to stroll along the Seine. I avoid narrow and calm streets in the late evening. Common sense is essential – Paris is a large city with its usual trappings. But that shouldn’t stop you from a gorgeous sunset walk along the river or watching the Eiffel sparkle at midnight!

Bisous from Paris,

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