I have a few treats for you today! Swipe right, an…

I have a few treats for you today! Swipe right, an…

I have a few treats for you today! Swipe right, and you’ll see a couple of historic photographs of the street I used to live on, Rue Chapon, located in the Marais district of Paris. If you ever walk these alleys with me, you’ll find yourself popping in and out of doorways, hidden passages, and discovering secret parks. Paris is my playground, and there isn’t a day that I don’t love her. While researching my beloved city and this very special arrondissement for our upcoming Winter 2021 edition of The Paris Quarterly, I found these photos. The history of this street, which dates back to 1293, is rather unique – one block used to be a cemetery! And the block I lived on, thankfully, was a Carmelite convent founded in 1617. I hate to think I was living over an old cemetery space! P.S. Visit my YouTube for a tour of my old apartment!

For those who are new here, The Paris Quarterly is our latest digital magazine – part guide, part lifestyle, part inspiration, history, culture, stories, videos, tips, and tricks. It’s like having a best friend in France, sharing the latest news in a very personal way. Want to learn more? Check out the link in my bio!

Meanwhile, Paris is starting to dive deep into the holiday season. I feel like a kid again, staring in awe at every gorgeous window display and bubbling over with excitement at every corner I turn. Maybe it’s because last year was so NOT normal, this Christmas feels extra special. And I cannot wait to take you along with me as we discover, together, all of the magic ma ville has in store for us.

Today, I share with you in my Instagram story, available for the next 24 hours, the gorgeous Christmas windows of @le_bhv_marais . The department store decided to design a theme around a winter visit to the Swiss alps. Each window is decorated in shades of white and sparkly grays, with tiny animated forest animals 🐿 enjoying their holidays in the mountains. It’s absolutely adorable! And I hope you enjoy the show.

Bisous & big hugs from France,


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