HACK: How to try the BEST Normandie ciders from Pa…

HACK: How to try the BEST Normandie ciders from Pa…

HACK: How to try the BEST Normandie ciders from Paris.
VIDÉO: Driving and tasting the cider route in Normandy.
LOCATION: Route de Cidre, Cambremer, Calvados, Normandie, France.
SERIES: Part two of two. Yesterday, I posted a visit to the famous farmer’s market of SAINT-PIERRE-SUR-DIVES. This is the last half of our day.

First, let me share my hack with you: @breizhcafe_fr
With multiple locations in Paris and beyond, Breizh Café not only serves up the BEST galettes in France but also has an expertly curated cider list.

You see, hard cider has nuances much like wine does: it can be fruit-forward or floral, acidic or not, full of depth, body, and unique flavors. But much like driving around to wineries, exploration can be time-consuming and costly.

My hack is to spend a lovely lunch at @breizhcafe_fr and let their staff guide you based on your personal preferences. For example, share the type of wine you like, and I can guarantee that (their English-speaking staff) will guide you to the perfect bottle.

Meanwhile, here’s a breakdown of the scenes in this video:

#1. Lunch in Camembrer. The restaurant served whole rounds of heated camembert or livrot cheese with charcuterie, bread, & fries.

#2. The best cider I had on the route today. It is a micro-cider maker that also operates an organic farm. This cider is bio.

#3. Camembrer has the cutest little wood statues and sculptures throughout the village, all with references to the cider route.

#4 & 5. Tasting at @calvadospierrehuet.

#6 & 7. Historic and antique cider-making displays as part of the tour at Calvados Pierre Huet.

#8. Arriving at Domaine Familial Louis Dupont cider house.

#9 & 10. The tasting room at @domaine_dupont with view of orchards

Both Jeff and I commented on how driving around the area reminded us of wine tasting in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, Dundee area. And the tasting rooms were very modern and similar in experiences, where you don’t need an RDV in advance.

Bisous, darlings!


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