French vocab of the day: La glace – Ice Glacer – …

French vocab of the day: La glace – Ice Glacer – …

French vocab of the day:

La glace – Ice
Glacer – Verb, to freeze
Glycine – Wisteria

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you. The sign here says this wisteria dates back to 1870 when Napoleon was still president of France and emperor of the French.

This wisteria is located along the Brest Canal in Josselin, although I understand that the gite is not currently open to the public. And the cherry tree is located directly in front of her. I think for a wisteria plant that old, she needs a name! 😅 What would you call her? Add your idea in the comments below 👇

(English translation below)
La glycine, Anne-Marie GALICHET
La glycine a fleuri sur le vieux mur en ruines,
Et sur la pierre grise, un flot mauve ruisselle,
C’est un collier léger de perles purpurines,
Où le soleil s’irise en rondes étincelles.

Chaque pierre est cachée par un rang d’améthystes,
Chaque trou est comblé par les grappes précieuses,
Chaque laideur brodée par une main d’artiste,
Et le vieux mur boudeur sourit aux fleurs rieuses.

Et quand la rosée d’août sur les glycines dort,
Le soleil du matin, de sa riche palette,
Fait rosir la muraille et mêle dans son or
Les perles argentées et les perles violettes.

Wisteria, by Anne-Marie GALICHET

The wisteria has bloomed on the old ruined wall,
And on the gray stone, a mauve stream runs,
It is a light necklace of purplish pearls,
Where the sun shines in round sparks.

Each stone is hidden by a row of amethysts,
Every hole is filled with precious clusters,
Every ugly thing embroidered by an artist’s hand,
And the sulky old wall smiles with laughing flowers.

And when the August dew on the wisteria sleeps,
The morning sun, with its rich palette,
Makes the wall pink and mixes in its gold
The silver pearls and the violet pearls.

Bisous and big hugs from France, my darlings,


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