Delicious French market recipe: Stone fruit & chèv…

Delicious French market recipe: Stone fruit & chèv…

Delicious French market recipe: Stone fruit & chèvre goat cheese salad.

In this week’s video (link in bio) marché tour, I shared with you a little note that I rarely go to the market with a list or recipe in mind.

Here is my rather spontaneous tactic:

° First, I wander the aisles and observe the vendors and what is for sale that is super seasonal and grown in France.
° I start to make a mental list of the individual ingredients.
° And then I find a spot to hang out for a minute where I quickly devise or google a recipe that has all or most of those things in it!

I am a planner by heart and a brand strategist by trade, so this Virgo rarely does things impulsively. But I have a lot of fun with this process – it feels lighthearted, challenging, and creative to come up with recipes on the spot.

In today’s post, I share an adaptation to a recipe I discovered, using the “peche plat,” pancake peaches, and cherries that caught my eye.

And I asked the cheesemonger to give me a dry goat cheese good for a salad. This is another excellent tactic if you have a little bit of French language skills – tell the vendor what you are using the product for. They’ll offer the best pairing, cut the meat or fish for that use, or help you make a decision.

French Farmer’s Market Stone Fruit Salad Recipe:
Pancake peaches & cherries, pits removed
Dry goat cheese
Cherry tomatoes
Roquette salad

For the dressing, whisk together:
2 tablespoons of champagne vinegar
Chopped basil and some lemon zest
1/4 cup of olive oil
Fleur de sel & pepper to taste

This recipe is a healthy and fresh meal or side dish for all summer!

Bon appetite, darlings,
Bisous from Paris,


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