Day Seven (countdown to a very Frenchie Christma…

Day Seven (countdown to a very Frenchie Christma…

Day Seven (countdown to a very Frenchie 🐾 🎄 Christmas!): Wanna see Pearl smile? SWIPE.

Photo 1: The girls looking for Père Noel.
Photo 2 & 3: Their fav full-time Père Noels came by today, treats in hand. Eric and Patrick of @ateliertoursparis visited tonight.

We celebrated a big win for them and @zcurated @artheartwalkingtours – they launched their new radio show “Art Heart Radio.” During my brief Instagram live today, we listened to their show in the background while Eric and Zara shared the vision behind this fantastic creation.

I love that they connect the French artwork with anglophones, bridging the barrier between language and culture and making art more accessible. We all want to support artists and artisans, but it is even easier to do so when we better understand their stories. And the Art Heart Radio show does just that.

And the bonus? OMGOOODNESS, their voices are so calming!!! I would totally have this show in the background on a stressful day. Now that is the best way to wind down – a meditative French art and culture show!

Congrats again to Patrick, Zara, and Eric. Love to you all! And thank you for all that you do.

(Head over to my IGTV to see the Instagram live!)


In this Frenchie advent calendar, we are counting down the days to when the girls get to meet Santa 🎅 and open their presents. I have been collecting little stuffed animals, their favorite toy, and will wrap each one for them to open on Christmas day.

Bisous and big holiday hugs 🤗 from Paris, France,
Shannon, Pearl, and Rose

Photo 1 by @croquette_conciergerie

PSA: If you are interested in this breed, French Bulldogs, please research their health issues, especially IVDD.

🇫🇷 France 🇫🇷, forever.

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