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Are you dreaming of the perfect French getaway but feeling overwhelmed with the planning?

Say "au revoir" to the stress and "bonjour" to your most memorable trip yet!

Introducing the all-new "France Travel Planner" - the only guide you'll ever need to explore France like a local.


Two for One

The print version is more than a book - it's an interactive workbook designed to shape your trip, your way.


Digital Guide

Nestled within this workbook is a QR code that unlocks a world of vibrant, digital wonders.


200+ Pages

Expert tutorials, sumptuous hotel recommendations, curated guides, detailed itineraries, and so much more!

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Why choose this travel planner?


Confidence in Every Decision: Feel assured in your choices with comprehensive guides covering every aspect of French travel.


Save Time and Money: Our custom workbook is your shortcut to an efficient, budget-friendly trip.


Arrive Prepared, Leave Enchanted: With every detail at your fingertips, step into France ready for adventure.

Guides & Itineraries

For the Spontaneous Souls: Not a fan of meticulous planning? No worries! Our ready-to-use travel guides and Paris itineraries are perfect for impromptu explorers.

What our customers say

"The planner was a checklist for my dream trip to France!" - J. Duyker

J. Duyker


"The grocery store and pharmacy videos were a game-changer!" - Sonya Jones

Sonya Jones


"Inspired us to explore new corners of Paris." - Nancy Fischer 

Nancy Fischer

New York