Where do you want to travel to in France ? Ideas &…

Where do you want to travel to in France ? Ideas &…

Where do you want to travel to in France 🇫🇷? Ideas & discussion below.
SWIPE to see the photo montage of: Strasbourg & Colmar!
Resource: My latest winter edition, Issue 6 of the Paris Quarterly magazine has a 24-page article on Strasbourg and Colmar – perfect for your winter Alsace excursion. Link in bio for both digital and print options!

When I have the opportunity, I try to ask locals where they like to travel in France.

Sometimes I get juicy secret locations and am sworn to secrecy. There are a few places I have been to (multiple times!) that I promised never to write about.

Other times, it’s a slippery slope of memories as one place tumbles into another, eagerly sharing our experiences and connecting over familiar and beloved locales.

And yet some, like today, don’t like to go anywhere.

“Euro Disney,” he responded. I raised my eyebrows, and he explained, “I like that everyone is happy. There is so much to see and do! There are people from all over the world, every gender, language, and nationality, having fun.”

In the U.S., the top destinations for the French are (not in order by data, but by conversations I have with them):
New York
Las Vegas
Hollywood / L.A.
Grand Canyon

Runner-ups are:
New Orleans
San Francisco
And sometimes I get questions about the desert, specifically Arizona.

No different than our experiences with the French culture from afar, locals want to travel to the places they see in modern media.

And in reverse, how has modern media influenced your travel decisions to this country? Were you like me, and outside of Paris, the first place you went to was Provence? Or perhaps Normandy?

I post this all through the lens of updating my France Travel Planner. It’s going from a 50-page digital document to a 200+ page book. And like a Rubik’s cube, I am constantly evaluating, shifting, and ruminating over how to best help you travel in this country.

Because the best travel doesn’t just happen – it’s curated.

Bisous darlings,

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