When To Visit Paris (IMO!!). I receive this questi…

When To Visit Paris (IMO!!). I receive this questi…

When To Visit Paris (IMO!!). I receive this question ALL the time, so here is a month-by-month comparison I made just for you!

JANUARY: Kick off the new year in style! Holiday decor remains while prices for airfare and hotels drop. Bring loads of layers and warm coats – it can snow this month!

FEBRUARY: My least favorite winter month in Paris. Generally, you’ll experience the worst storms of the season. France has adopted some Valentine’s holiday fun, but it is rather cold & dreary for the most part.

MARCH: Signs of spring start to arrive, and if you love magnolias, this is the time to visit the city. Pack layers, umbrella, waterproof shoes, & raincoat – it’s very wet this time of year!

APRIL: Pockets of sunny days and warmer weather tease Parisians, and we all flock to the terraces, canal, & Seine. This is cherry blossom season & the city turns into a stunning floral show—pack for cool nights & wet weather. There are fewer tourists this month.

MAY: This is my favorite springtime month in Paris. The rose gardens in Paris are in their first flush, and everything is super lush & green. Use the city as a jumping-off point to visit some of the most famous gardens in France. Pack for a mix of weather but leave heavy coats at home.

JUNE: The city begins to swell with summer tourist season & the first heatwave might arrive this month. The city launches its warm weather outdoor events. Pack for heat but bring layers if you have a cool evening or occasional rain shower.

JULY: As the Parisians start to leave the city for their annual holidays, the heat and tourists settle into the city. 14 Juillet is a must. Pack sunscreen, a reusable water bottle, and light clothing.

AUGUST: My least favorite month of the year in Paris. Parisians have departed, and many business owners shutter their boutiques. It can be dreadfully hot. Opt for an air-conditioned hotel room.

Find the remaining months in the comments below!


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