What to Pack for Paris (PHOTOS INCLUDED)- July 202…

What to Pack for Paris (PHOTOS INCLUDED)- July 202…

What to Pack for Paris (PHOTOS INCLUDED)- July 2022, Summer Edition. Plus funny story below!!

SWIPE TO SEE: Take these suggestions with a grain of salt, please. Because what is most important is that you are happy and comfortable. This time of year, I live in skirts and dresses, and I have tucked away my jeans for the summer – they’re just too hot and uncomfortable.

BONUS! I’ll post a few fav pieces in my Instagram story for the next 24 hours.

UPDATE: This week is all about annual doctor appointments that I backlogged. For those considering a move here, I often suggest the idea of sourcing specialists in Paris for a few reasons.

First, you have some of the most talented physicians in Europe based here. You cannot compare the level of innovation, access to technology, and the latest advancements in medicine in your largest cities in France vs. rural.

Many appointments, such as your eye doctor, dental check-ups, annual female exams, and dermatologist, are only once or twice a year visits. And who doesn’t want a reason to go to Paris?!!!

I could write for days regarding my medical experiences here in this country – from immigration to getting the elusive carte vital (my French social medical coverage) and how you use a “mutuelle” (or top-up insurance). Or the ‘oddity’ of legally having to find a GP, what it’s like to have emergency surgery in France (clearly I survived),😆😅 and more.

If any of these things interest you, or if you have questions, pop those down in the comments below!

Funny story: My ex-neighbor is a stunning American lady in her seventies that has long lived in France. She splits her time between properties in Paris and Grasse. When she needed hip surgery, she chose a hospital in Monaco. She explained in her southern belle drawl, “Because the super-rich are there and they get the best doctors in the world. Plus,” she winked, “I got a private room overlooking the ocean for free.”

Bisous to all,


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