What to do if your plane or train is canceled due to a strike. 🫣

What to do if your plane or train is canceled due to a strike. 🫣

What to do if your plane or train is canceled due to a strike. 🫣

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Per @thelocalfrance : “Saturday marked the latest day of widespread mobilization and protests in the ongoing battle between French unions and the government over planned pension reform. Key sectors have called for rolling strikes (grève reconductible), with disruption continuing outside of just organized days of action.

Unions representing rail workers, waste collectors, oil refinery workers, and Paris public transport operators have declared that they are on grève reconductible, while air traffic controllers and drivers are taking part in extended actions..”

The next strike day is Wednesday, March 15th, with additional dates likely to come. Please follow @thelocalfrance or other French news outlets for further information.

Here are a few transportation tips to help you navigate a French strike:

° Always have a Plan B in place. Pre-schedule a taxi (I prefer G7). If you are traveling further distances, plan an alternative activity for the day in case your train or flight is delayed or canceled.

° Take a domestic flight to the nearest airport (check Easyjet, Ryanair, Wizzair). In France, these flights are often very inexpensive.

° Rent a car. I often use @europcar or @hertz , but I suggest always checking the Google reviews of the rental agencies nearest you. Many locations in France are franchises and you’ll want to choose one that has good reviews based on that unique rental shop and not the brand.

° Take a taxi or bus. Again, I prefer @taxisg7 over Uber in Paris. @wheely is a new luxury brand to the market that I have not tried yet.

° @blablacarfr . This carpool option is popular in France and could be an alternative way to get you to where you’re going.

And YES, there is a LOT of trash on the streets right now. This is causing a problem with rats, so please be careful if you have pets with you and be hesitant to let your dogs socialize right now - there’s a gastrointestinal virus going around the city right now. 🤢🥴

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