What is the secret to eating well in France? Res…

What is the secret to eating well in France? Res…

What is the secret to eating well in France?

Research. A few years ago, a girlfriend visited Paris with her mother. I was out of town while they were here and anxious to hear about their experience.

The minute the duo returned to the States, I jumped on the phone to inquire about their stay. It was a dream trip for the pair, and while they had a fabulous time visiting all of the iconic sites of Paris, my girlfriend paused and said, “But…”

But?, I asked.

“The food was horrible,” she claimed. I was shocked.

This city is the gastronomic capital of the world! Paris has the best chefs, products, and top-rated restaurants. What happened??

I interrogated my friend a bit and asked where she had been. Did they get sick somewhere?

“No, it wasn’t that. We wandered around, and when we got hungry, we’d sit at a restaurant with empty tables.”


Here are a few rules and tips to ensure you have a great dining experience in Paris. Because you simply CANNOT travel this far, spend your time and hard-earned money getting here without fueling your heart, soul, and stomach with the fantastic cuisine in France.

1 – There are over 44,000 restaurants in Paris. Not all are worth your time and money. If the place is empty, there is a reason for it.

2 – If the place is full, there is a reason for it.

2 – Make a list of the foods and dishes you’d like to try. Or perhaps you’d like a particular environment like a classic Parisian brasserie. Use this as a starting place for your research.

3 – Another strategy is to find a dining option near where you are staying or the activity location.

4 – Use Google maps. Yes, you can even type in the cuisine or dish you want, showing you nearby options. And many restaurants offer online reservations directly through Google maps.

5 – And yes, make a reservation! You’re human! You need to feed that body, so plan for it.

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