What about France 🇫🇷inspires you?

What about France 🇫🇷inspires you?

What about France 🇫🇷inspires you?

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Is it a dream to visit Paris for the first time and visit her iconic monuments?

Or perhaps you dream of visiting the gorgeous castles of the Loire Valley.

You want to soak in the sunshine and lavender of Provence while sipping a glass of rosé.

Maybe you’re inspired by France’s history and want to visit her famous landmarks.

Or you want to pay respect to the fallen and visit the Normandy beaches.

Are you inspired by the sea and want to visit le mer, eat fresh oysters, and perhaps scale Mont Saint-Michel.

Or are you inspired by the French lifestyle and want to move here?

Do you love the French food, wine, and culture?

Tell me what inspires you and what you dream of in the comments below.

Dream big, darlings. Every rêve is important! 💕

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