Well, THAT was big news yesterday! It was a bit un…

Well, THAT was big news yesterday! It was a bit un…

Well, THAT was big news yesterday! It was a bit unexpected to have the reopening details released a full 24 hours before President Macron’s speech tonight. I have included that info below. TBH, I am beyonnnnnnd excited about the terraces and museums opening again. Which museum do you think I should visit first?

TODAY’S SWIPE 👉 & SAVE 👇 : When I first started visiting France, it used to surprise me a bit when I would walk into a French living room. Instead of giant televisions and sound systems, rows and rows of books 📚 lined the walls. Perhaps a tiny TV would be tucked in amongst the tomes. Showing off your collection of literature trumps showing off the television size, and I LOVE 😍 that. Swipe 👉 through and then save 👇 to see our favorite sunny spots to read a book in Paris.

Bisous and big hugs 🤗 from France,

Wednesday, May 19th

• Curfew will be pushed back to 9pm from the current 7pm start.
• Reopening of the “non-essential” shops which are currently closed
• Reopening of cinemas, theatres and museums, with number restrictions
• Reopening of open-air sports facilities
• Cafés, bars & restaurants will be able to reopen their outdoor terrace spaces only, with a maximum of 6 people per table
• Gatherings of up to 10 people allowed again in public places
• Reopening of open-air or covered sports facilities to spectators, with number restrictions

Wednesday, June 9th
• Implementation of a pass sanitaire – a ‘health passport’ showing either a vaccine certificate or recent Covid test that will be compulsory to access certain areas or events
• Curfew pushed back to 11pm
• Cafés, bars and restaurants allowed to reopen INDOOR spaces, with a maximum of 6 people per table
• Possible public events including concerts and sports matches with a maximum of 5,000 people – only with a pass sanitaire
• Opening borders to non-EU tourists and visitors – only with a pass sanitaire
• Reopening of indoor sports centres and gyms


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