Wednesday – The best ramen in the world, Jardin du…

Wednesday – The best ramen in the world, Jardin du…

Wednesday – The best ramen in the world, Jardin du Luxembourg, two gorgeous churches, and the Pantheon.

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Notre Dame de Paris is still under construction, with large barricades and metal fences surrounding her. We all wait patiently for her doors to reopen. News is that the goal is for the 2024 Olympics, but I secretly hope that these artisans take their time and do what is right, not letting outside pressure rush this painstaking restoration process.

Today’s lunch was at @KodawariRamen, and I will unapologetically claim this to be the best ramen in the world. You cannot make reservations, and queueing early is mandatory – we arrived at 11:00 AM for their 11:45 opening and were fourth in line.

A quick walk around the corner led us to the Saint-Sulpice, a baroque church built in 1646. We popped over to Jardin du Luxembourg to see an art exhibit in the Orangerie and then to the newly renovated Medici fountain. It’s lovely to see that space open again, free of scaffolding, and the famous green chairs adorning the water’s edge.

Facing the fountain is @theredwheelbarrowbookstore, an independent anglophone bookstore. Grab a book here before settling into a gorgeous day in the park.

I also introduced @treize_au_jardin to my husband. Just a few doors from the bookstore, American Laurel Sanderson opened this restaurant featuring organic and homemade treats. I love the cozy feminine vibes. Try the biscuits and gravy!

Skipping up the street, we visited the Pantheon and climbed the 200+ stairs to the panorama. If you’d like to see the original Foucault pendulum, it’s actually on the other side of the river at the Musée des Arts & Métiers in the Marais.

Last, before heading into the Latin Quarter to grab the girls, we stopped in to say bonjour and a big merci to Saint Genevieve, the patron saint of Paris. If you’d like to know more about her story, visit my YouTube for a March French Women’s Month playlist.

A grand bisous from Paris,

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