Want to know the REAL side of Paris?

Want to know the REAL side of Paris?

Want to know the REAL side of Paris? Have you already visited all the major monuments? Hate crowds and group tours? Look no further than @walk.paris.

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Imagine an intriguing, soft-spoken, poetic voice in your ear with a mysterious & gorgeous French accent and perfectly timed sound effects. Telling a story that magically unfolds before your eyes, guiding you through unknown streets, hidden alleyways, and secret corners, you can start and stop your tour whenever you want.

Did you see something else that caught your eye? Or perhaps you want to sit on that park bench for a while. Or maybe you’d like to stop for a coffee on a pretty terrace.

It’s the luxury of Comte de Saint-Germain’s gorgeously edited and beautifully executed self-guided tours.

The Comte has become a good friend, and I admire him personally & professionally. He also writes a regular series in my Paris Quarterly guides. For my Spring 2023 edition, he wrote about the Rose Line and the Paris meridian (movie and book fans of The da Vinci Code will know what this is about!).

If you’re a visual person who likes nature or architecture, I recommend the walk that starts in Paris’ 14th district, around Montsouris. You may have heard of the park, but the surrounding neighborhood has an incredible history: nearly 2000 years of ruins, visible from its streets, and locals ranging from the first Black star of Montparnasse (before Josephine Baker!), to a leftist lesbian painter who became a heroine of the Resistance during WWII.

If you’re more into mysteries, the catacombs, or the Lupin series starring Omar Sy, I recommend the walk through the north of Paris’ 14th arrondissement. It takes you above the filming locations of a very special episode, shot in public and private tunnels under Paris. This walk connects fact & fiction about these tunnels and how real-life smugglers used them in the 1700s, modern-day urban explorers called cataphiles, and more.

For more info or to download a tour, visit www.walk.paris

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