VIDEO VIRTUAL ROAD TRIP – The salt marshes of Ile de Re, France

VIDEO VIRTUAL ROAD TRIP – The salt marshes of Ile de Re, France

ROAD TRIP DAY TWENTY-FOUR: You know that feeling when you spend all day outside, playing in the sunshine, and by the end of it, you’re sort of comfortably exhausted? You take a shower to wash off the grime, your eyes are tired, but the memories, tan skin, and deep sleep are irreplaceable.

Today is DOUBLE FEATURE TUESDAY. First, via IGTV, as a post in my Instagram feed and linked in my Instagram story, I held a surprise live stream today. I am still giggling over this idea, and I had so much fun that I just might have to do it again! I showed up with my wallet and shopping basket in hand. And I relied on YOU, my community, to pick out my beach picnic basket goodies. It was a blast! I took you to the Ars en Re farmers market, and as I showed each vendor stall, you told me what to buy!! Seriously, it was the BEST time. And I shared some of my French farmer’s market tips and hacks along the way.

You can find this 1-hour video live stream saved in two places:
My IGTV section
My Instagram feed

Meanwhile, today is a DOUBLE FEATURE TUESDAY. I also share with you a story that I think you will enjoy. First, you and I take off by bike to discover the salt marshes of Ile de Re. We end up at a tiny village, at an even smaller micro restaurant, where I (no joke) have the best meal I can remember in a VERY long time. After that? We go on a tour of the salt flats! It was super windy, so in certain sections, I do leave in a bit of audio whenever I can. And it’s all in subtitles, so you can learn a bit about salt farming in France!

Bisous and big hugs from France,

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