VIDEO VIRTUAL ROAD TRIP – Arles, France, Provence!

VIDEO VIRTUAL ROAD TRIP – Arles, France, Provence!

appy Day Three of our road trip!

Personally, I love ALL the wine regions of France. And while I’m certainly not an expert, I do know that going to the grocery store in the wine region you’re visiting is SUPER fun. It’s one of my fav travel hacks. Great prices and the opportunity to explore a varietal you may not have tried before. I know, I know. You probably have your “favorite.” 😉😉 But go ahead and be brave – travel is all about discovery! 👏👏

Meanwhile today, we headed in to #arles @arles_camargue_tourisme to stretch our legs and visit the village while also taking in the sites that Vincent Van Gogh painted. 🎨 It’s such a cool walking tour. Van Gogh arrived in Arles back in February 1888 and proceeded to create over 300 works of art in less than 15 months. 😲 It was so special to stand where the artist did, taking in places he saw, some that seemed to have barely changed.

Bisous, everyone. I’m SO glad you’re here!

Big, triple bizzzzz (cause we are in Provence! The land of the three 😘!!) and hugs from France,

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