VIDEO The Paris Quarterly, Winter 2021 Edition, by This French Life

VIDEO The Paris Quarterly, Winter 2021 Edition, by This French Life

The Paris Quarterly by This French Life
Like having a best friend in France!

Two hundred pages, over two hours of videos, 390 embedded links, fifteen private access tours, and a FREE 20-page workbook, plus all-new features, I am beyond THRILLED to share the Winter 2021 edition of the Paris Quarterly digital magazine with you.

Stunning to look at, a pleasure to read, let’s take a sneak peek at what’s inside (click on this video link).

This digital magazine is the legacy I hope to leave behind. Paris is where most of us, travelers, ex-pats, or immigrants, land first in France. It is where I first fell in love with this country. We may end up elsewhere, but our journeys often start here. The Paris Quarterly is part guide, part lifestyle, inspiration, history, culture, stories, videos, tips, and tricks. It’s like having a best friend in France, sharing the latest news in a very personal way.

What Others are Saying about the Paris Quarterly:
“Hi, Shannon! I truly appreciate all of the work that you put in preparing the Paris Quarterly. I take the opportunity to read a few pages while I have a candle burning and having a cup of tea from Mariage Frères or a glass of Chablis. It is a great relaxing escape from my daily life as a caregiver to my mom, who suffers from dementia. While reading the pages and looking at the great pictures, I take notes on what places I would like to visit on my next trip to Paris! You always have fun and new interesting places and great descriptions that make us think we are there with you. During this season of my life, it is my virtual travel, almost like a trusted friend giving me secret addresses. Your videos and Instagram stories just add to this and bring smiles to my days. A digital version is great as you can update it often and it will always be up to date vs. a hardcover book. Thanks again for all that you do. Enjoy the Christmas windows, the hot chocolate, and roasted chestnuts from the street vendors. I can practically smell them from here in Montreal.” – Alida G.

Support Local
Did you know that I pay for all of the services and products I feature in this magazine? NONE of the content in the Paris Quarterly is paid placement or sponsored. In fact, I donate my photography, videos, English translations, and business feedback to all of the artisans and local businesses featured in my magazine. By supporting The Paris Quarterly, you help each and every one of these individuals and their dreams.

Read this testimonial!
“I read through every page of the first edition of your Paris Quarterly. I lived in the Marais for three months (it was my present to myself after I retired), so I love watching your walks of the area. I’m familiar with many restaurants in the Marais, so it was very helpful to get recommendations from you in other arrondissements. Because I loved trying to fit in in Paris, I found your clothing and shopping sections very informative. Knowing the color of the season was great. It was very good to learn from you that purchasing the Paris Quarterly supports local businesses so I will continue to purchase it. Thanks for all the work you do on your site, Instagram and the Paris Quarterly. I love watching and reading them all!” – Laurie J.

Your French dreams matter. And I want to bring you closer to all things Paris, France.

If you’ve always wanted to…

– Unlock more of Paris with insider tips, stories, videos, and the latest seasonal trends,

– Improve your trip plans and save money & time BEFORE you arrive in France,

– While you are away, stay close to Paris and all that it has to offer with The Paris Quarterly

“I have loved the Paris Quarterly. It has given me a new perspective of the city as I have only been to Paris in very late winter/early spring, and fall looks like it could be my favorite place to visit again.
Plus, you have shown so many places that aren’t “touristy” and are the real Paris, it’s almost like a best friend showing her best friend all her little secrets. Thank you, Shannon, for all your hard work.” – Shannan A.

If You Love Paris, then you’ll ADORE the Quarterly.

PLUS, this is a living document! What does that mean? It means that every time we come across something new during that quarter, create additional videos or insider information, you will have instant access to that for FREE.

My work is devoted to sharing ideas, tools, and resources to help you live #YourFrenchLife. When you purchase this guide, you are supporting me and my efforts.

Thank you for sharing your heart, voice, and perspective and being a part of the This French Life community. And most of all, thanks for bravely pursuing your dreams.


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