VIDEO International Women’s Month: Week 1, Part 1 Saint Geneviève

VIDEO International Women’s Month: Week 1, Part 1 Saint Geneviève

I’m so excited! 🥳 Today, you and I begin a month-long journey to discover four unique and remarkable women 💃🏼 that are an important part of French history. While I am not a tour guide or expert in these matters, I am trying my best to share the spaces and places that these women lived, worked in, and are still represented today in Paris. All of this is in honor of National Women’s Month. Each week, I will introduce you to a different lady (in chronological order) and share their story in three parts.

This is week one! And we begin our adventure with a woman who saved Paris not once but TWICE. 🤩 I chose this lady because, for many of us, our stories start in this city. We fly into CDG, we visit or live here, and I receive your accounts and memories daily. Thank you! 🥰

At the end of each week, I will provide a custom walking map that you can download so you, too, can follow in the footsteps of these amazing ladies. I had SO much fun creating this first set of videos for you. And I look forward to sharing these stories with this community throughout the rest of March. 👏

If you would like to see any of my older videos or posts, I save them in my Instagram highlights and my YouTube channel.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart💝, for your encouragement and support. I hope you enjoy this series.

Bisous and big hugs 🤗from France,

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