VIDEO How-To: Get Help at a French Pharmacy

VIDEO How-To: Get Help at a French Pharmacy

A million thanks (Un million de mercis!) for sharing your thoughts regarding my videos and posts as of late. 🥰 I genuinely appreciate your support, encouragement, and stories. It is so fun to see how my work inspires each of you in a variety of ways and sparking fun memories. Thank you! 👏

In today’s story 👆👆, we will put our Montmartre series on pause for a new weekly theme: How-to Tuesday. I want my work to inspire, motivate, and inform. And I also want you to enjoy the VERY best experience possible in France🇫🇷. No matter if you are here for one day or eleven years, my goal is to help you enjoy France for all she has to offer.

And one of the most significant ways I can help you with that is by showing you HOW to do France! Your safety and health are a priority. ✅ And one of the big differences between France and the United States is that you cannot get OTC (over-the-counter) medications in the isles of the supermarket or pharmacy. You have to approach the pharmacist. 😬😬 And in today’s story, I help you navigate this vital task. It is an essential one for your travels here, so save this video for future reference. I will post it to YouTube too.

Wishing you all the health and happiness in 2021,

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