VIDEO France Travel Planning 101: How to Find the Best Restaurants!

VIDEO France Travel Planning 101: How to Find the Best Restaurants!

France Travel Planning 101: How to Find the Best Restaurants!

Bonjour, darlings! In today’s video, I will share my top tips for finding a FABULOUS restaurant for your travels in France. This video includes:

Reasons why you should research restaurants before traveling
How to find the best regional dishes
How to choose from the 44,000 restaurants in Paris
My favorite websites to use
A formula for searching restaurants online
How I evaluate a potential restaurant online
Hacks for making a reservation when you don’t speak French
And a BONUS tip at the very end that you shouldn’t miss!

Featured restaurant:

Chez Aloïse
06 14 33 99 10

Quickly, let’s talk about WHY you should take the time to do a little research in advance.

First, it really is miserable to be tired, jet-lagged, and all the sudden you’re hangry and can’t find a place to eat. Especially in rural France, the lunch hours are limited and you might find yourself without a single place open when huger strikes.

Second, the best restaurants are often booked in advance and being stuck with second rate dining options is pretty miserable – your meal isn’t that great and you’re wasting time AND your hard-earned money on a pretty bad experience.

Third, not all restaurants are equal. Think of it this way: Pretend you’re hosting a family from France and they arrive on your doorstep, jet-lagged and hungry. Everyone wants to eat out. And your guests claim, “Well, it doesn’t matter where we eat – all American food is the same!” And, well, gosh isn’t that a silly way to think? Because there are plenty of restaurants in your home town you likely WOULDN’T take guests too. And there are a few favorite locations you’d take your visitors to because the food and environment would be an exceptional representation of American cuisine and regional dishes.

That example is the same when traveling in France – not all restaurants are worth your time, money, effort, or calories!

Last but not least, if there are dietary considerations or special experiences you want, researching area restaurants in advance is critical to the success of your trip.

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