VIDEO Creature Comforts – How to Curate Your Best Experience in France

VIDEO Creature Comforts – How to Curate Your Best Experience in France

Creature comforts. Stretchy pants, a favorite book or blanket, a bowl of homemade macaroni and cheese. 🤤Hanging out with your best friend. The perfect cup of coffee to start your day. We all have our everyday creature comforts – the places, spaces, and things that make us happy. 🥰

In today’s story, I share a concept with you: traveling or moving to France through the lens of your creature comforts. In this walk and talk, we leave Ile Saint Louis and take Pearl and Rose on a walk to the dog park in Jardin du Luxembourg. On our way there, we have a chat about how to use your favorite creature comforts to curate the very best experience in France 🇫🇷🇫🇷

You can do this anywhere, really. As it relates to France, I sometimes observe clients struggling with this challenge. Our dream about visiting or moving to this country gets to the point where we cannot vision beyond that single act. We just want to BE here. But once you’re here, HOW do you want to experience France? In this walk and talk, we chat about ways to refine further your itinerary, or perhaps a region or village you are thinking about moving to, based on the everyday things that make you happy. ☺️

This video will be part 1 of a three-part series. In episodes 2 and 3, I take you along on a creature comfort day that I curate for myself. 👏

What are your creature comforts? Share those with me below in the comments!

P.S. Swipe through my Instagram post to see a video of children in 1890 pushing boats on the pond in Jardin du Luxembourg. You can still rent the boats and do this same activity today! LINK:

Bisous and big hugs 🤗from France,

🇫🇷 France 🇫🇷, forever.

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