VIDEO Best Secret Garden in the Marais district, Paris, France.

VIDEO Best Secret Garden in the Marais district, Paris, France.

LOCATION: Musée Carnavalet
ADDRESS: Between rue des Francs-Bourgeois and 23 rue de Sévigné, Paris 3rd.
METRO: Line 1, Saint-Paul

This beautiful private mansion in the Marais was built by Nicolas Dupuis and decorated by Jean Goujon (1510-1566) for Jacques de Ligneris, president of the parliament of Paris. Subsequently modified by François Mansart (1598-1666), it opened its doors to multiple tenants and owners: Madame de Sévigné from 1677 to 1696, who said of the place it had “a beautiful air, a beautiful courtyard, a beautiful garden, a beautiful district.”

The City of Paris purchased the mansion in 1866. Since 1897, the estate has been a museum dedicated to a singular subject: Paris.

The museum garden is representative of “French” gardens: a dwarf variety of boxwood, roses, and delicate flowers.

The gardens are FREE and open to the public. And during the warmer months of the year, you’ll find a temporary restaurant installation serving lunch and dinner.

I ordered an appetizer (zucchini carpaccio) and the pasta (gnochetti with asparagus and pesto) in this video. As you can see, the dishes are massive, and my order could have easily served 2-to 3 people. I suggest ordering one thing at a time and returning to the commissary if you want more.

PLUS, the service is quick! My buzzer went off before I could decide on a seat. 😅

Stop here if you are in the Marais and looking for a respite with drink options and clean toilets!

REMOTE WORKING FROM PARIS HACK: This place is EXCELLENT for remote working! The staff does not bother you, and there are large tables with comfortable seating. Of course, please remain respectful, order something to eat or drink, and only use this hack when there is ample seating for other guests.

° Staff at the entrance are there to help visitors find the entry to the museum. Just let them know you’re there for the restaurant (they speak English too!).
° Because this is a national museum, there is a security check. Just put your bag in the tub and walk through the scanner.
° There is no fee, and you can use the comfortable seating without purchasing food or beverages.
° While I wouldn’t recommend the restaurant, it’s a fab spot to grab a drink, relax, and wash up before heading back into the streets of Paris.
° If you want to eat, the menu is in French and English. You order at the counter, and they serve your drinks right away. A buzzer is given to you to alert when your food is ready.
° The buzzer begins to beep, and you return to the same area to retrieve your tray.

Would you like a full tour and information about the Musée Carnavalet? Then check out the Spring 2022 Edition of the Paris Quarterly magazine. Click here to check it out!

Bisous and big hugs from Paris,

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