VIDEO A Romantic, Rainy Day Stroll through Montmartre, Paris, France

VIDEO A Romantic, Rainy Day Stroll through Montmartre, Paris, France

Bienvenue to an all-new rainy, ☔️ romantic Montmartre video! Winter has arrived in Paris and will be here to stay for the next four months or so. The high temperatures are hovering around the mid-forties (4 degrees+ Celsius) and dipping down to freezing at night. The high humidity in Paris (which usually hovers around 70% in the summer and peaks above 80% in the winter), makes you feel even colder 🥶than it is.

I wrapped the girls up in coats and headed over to Montmartre to meet @perfectlyparisgail . It was a lovely way to spend the Sunday afternoon, and I will share more about that soon. After we departed (Pearl hated to see her auntie go!), we took a stroll through the village between rain spells.

For me, Paris is so romantic when it’s raining out. I love how the water drips off the terrace awnings as couples huddle under heaters and sip on an espresso or a glass of wine. Umbrellas ☂️ bring anonymity to the Parisian winter masquerade as they hurry along in thick coats, gloves, and boots.

It is crucial to stay warm here during these months. I cannot stress the importance of having thick layers to combat the chill – it’s so hard to get the cold cobblestones and dampness in the air out of your bones.

If you rent a flat during the winter, ensure that the heat source is efficient and reliable. 👍 Aside from the elevated heating costs in France, I have lived in apartments that never seemed to get warm enough, even with electric blankets and space heaters.

Thick-soled boots, super warm socks, 🧦 lots of layers, gloves, 🧤 warm scarves, 🧣 hats, and a winter coat are a must for the traveler. They take up extra space in your suitcase, for sure, so accessories can help make outfits look different. Most of the time, you won’t show off the outfit underneath, so this is where you can repeat comfort items like insulated leggings and tops. 😉😉

I hope these tips help you enjoy a very special winter ❄️ in Paris!

Bisous and big hugs from France,

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