Tuesday – A day in the 16th arrondissement of Pari…

Tuesday – A day in the 16th arrondissement of Pari…

Tuesday – A day in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, the Eiffel Tower (Itinerary).

My husband asked to spend his last week visiting museums (he lives part-time in the States). We jumped on the Metro & rode out to the @museedartmoderndeparis. Many don’t realize that this spectacular, luminous museum is almost directly across from the Eiffel Tower and is free to access the permanent collection.

After soaking in gorgeous artwork, we walked across the Pont de l’Alma bridge to see the magnificent architecture of Avenue Rapp. I especially love the Lavirotte Building.

He wanted sushi for lunch, so I made reservations (required) at @iode_sushi. From there, we walked to the famous food street #RueCler – I know it’s a favorite for many of you! We stopped into @lenotre for treats and circled back to the Champ de Mars park.

The trees in Paris are quickly changing color. I thought maybe I’d wait to visit all of the parks for those autumn sweater weather cozy vibes and kick around a few leaves. But it was a hot summer season, so the trees seemed to be giving us a show early.

I prefer to avoid the rush hour of the Paris metro, so we jumped back on the train and ended up on one of my favorite neighborhood people-watching terraces for a “coupe” to end the day.

@suzannebennett2021 asked yesterday, “Sometimes you use a taxi, and other times you use the Metro. What is the determining factor for using one or the other?”


OPTION 1 – WALKING. I generally walk to where I am going if it takes 45 minutes or less. Today’s itinerary was 15k steps.

OPTION 2 – TAXI. I choose this if I want to avoid Metro rush hour, I am wearing heels to an event, have luggage or large bags, or with a mobility-impaired friend. I use the app G7 (never Uber!).

OPTION 3 – METRO. I still wear my mask on the trains and choose this cost-saving option from mid-morning to mid-afternoon when I have to travel over 45 minutes by foot, when the weather is horrible, or when I need to get somewhere quickly.

Bisous, darlings!

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